Bayard Blain [Sessions]

We're excited to begin our second month of Sessions at South on Main! This month we've invited DGold to curate Wednesday night shows. Daniel Gold, aka DGold, is a radio personality, a podcaster, a music documentarian and former publisher of a music magazine – Honest Tunes. He’s traveled the US following music, and has always made it his priority to share good tunes with others.

For his third show, DGold has invited Bayard Blain. Fayetteville-based artist, Bayard Blain will perform rustic, roots music, original songs, using a variety of instruments and voice. He will demonstrate his handcrafted musical instruments. The event appeals to anyone who appreciates singer-songwriters, handcrafted wood work, musical instrument tonality, folk art traditions. This is also an opportunity for acoustic musicians to check out a fine line of custom guitars and mandolins, and ask questions directly to the luthier.

As a child, I was never without a pocket knife and a piece of wood. In 2003, I decided I wanted to build a guitar and enrolled in the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in Qualicum, BC. The school enlightened me to the tools I needed and the basic process of lutherie.

After school, my grandfather gifted me his woodworking machinery and a collection of various antique hand tools. Treasures that date back 3 or 4 generations in my family, some of which I still use. I had built fifty or so flat top instruments when a friend commissioned a mandolin. Carving has since become one of my joys - mandolins, mandolas, archtop guitars, bouzoukis, octave mandolins, and more. The nature of the business has compelled me to become an obsessive wood collector. I have invested in my own resaw and large milling capabilities, hand selecting every piece of my instruments from the board up. I use a variety of exotic and native species for different purposes. 

I truly love my work - my friends and clients tell me it shows. Every piece I envision is unique and different. Being a professional player, I know how a quality instrument should look, feel, and sound. I most enjoy building for specific people. Knowing one's particular style, form, and musicianship enables me to create exceptional custom instruments.