Jasmine Janae'

Join us in welcoming Jasmine Janae' to her first show at South on Main! Show begins at 9 PM with a $10 cover. Call (501) 244-9660 to reserve a table. 


Miss Jasmine Janae’ has been singing for as long as she has been able to talk.  Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, she began expressing her gift in the church choir and worship team at a young age. Being the only one in her family in the arts, her gifts and talents came from a genuine love for music. 

At the age of 14, Miss Jasmine Janae’ competed in a state performing arts competition named the Great Arkansas Talent Search. Her ability to be able to sing, dance, and act afforded her the opportunity to set a standard in the competition. Performing songs like “Proud Mary”, by Tina Turner, and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston allowed her to be the first African American woman to win the competition. From then on she has been actively participating in the arts. 

Attending Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School cultivated her love for the arts even more. By being able to travel and compete in the NAACP ACTSO completion, to playing lead roles in Broadway Musical, Miss Jasmine has been working to perfect her craft in every aspect of the arts. Her two latest musicals she was able to perform in was “The Color Purple”, where she casted as Shug Avery, and “Dreamgirls”, where she was cast as Deena Jones. Performing in those roles gave her a true sense of performance style that she has been able to incorporate into her own craft. 

Over the last year, Miss Jasmine has been utilizing her gifts by singing background vocals for other artists. Her journey to becoming a solo artist started when she began doing solo features with Marquis Hunt and Mood, which created an opportunity to tap into Jazz music. Her greatest influences stem from Jazz, Neo-Soul, dancing, and just listening to the way each instrument sounds in connection with the other. When Jasmine performs she always tries to incorporate characters that are extensions of herself into her show which always makes for a creative performance. Some artist’s that influence her are Nina Simone, Jill Scott, and Beyonce’. 

As this next phase of her artistry begins and she becomes her own artist, she hopes to uniquely let others know that it’s okay to be yourself in whatever capacity that may be. Being a woman, her love for music is deeply rooted in showcasing what being a woman means and is. Performing for her comes from the heart.

She says, “It’s about using the parts of yourself to create beautiful moments that you can share with other people, whether those parts are ugly, sweet, spicy, calm, hardcore, hurtful, comedic, or sexy.”