Sessions :: A+B

We’re thrilled to welcome Arkansas artist V.L. Cox as our curator for October Sessions at South on Main! For her third show, V.L. has invited A + B to the stage. Show begins at 8 pm with a $10 cover. Call (501) 244-9660 to reserve a table for the show.


Arkansas artist V.L. Cox’s recent work has been highly active in projects that involve Human Rights and Equality. In 2015, she launched her National "End Hate" Installation Series, an anti-discrimination series that was placed twice on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol, and then at the base of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. This series employs authentic and found objects that create a visceral presentation commenting on raw emotions and relevant human rights issues that continue to be important topics in the 21st century. The work sets in motion strong emotions and her creations are powerful, imaginative and unprecedented in style. Cox has a keen and sensitive eye for three-dimensional detail and it's impact on all aspects of design and composition in a work of art. In the eyes of the observers, Cox's paintings combine composition and depth, which are powerful and compel the viewer to interact with the artwork.


A+B is the Little Rock-based powerhouse duo of Adrienne Collins on vocals and Bonnie Earleywine on guitar and vocals. They have performed in and around little rock, often lending their talents to various charity events. Their high-energy cover sets feature a little bit of everything: pop, rock, r&b, folk, and oldies.