Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces with the Matt Schatz Trio

Tyler Kinchen & the Right Pieces are bringing their Louisiana energetic funk back to South on Main for a special holiday show! The Matt Schatz Trio will kick the concert off at 9 pm. There is a $15 cover for the show. Call ahead to reserve your table - (501) 244-9660. 


Geographically from Ponchatoula, LA, and having grown in the New Orleans scene, Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces are reaping much acclaim and attention, traveling from New York City to Los Angeles and around the South, impressing an ideal of true Southern gentlemen. Their energetic style of R&B/Funk is eclectic and electric, soulful and natural. With Tyler’s voice and composing leading a tight, foundational rhythm section embellished by horns, Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces are the emerging musical unit of the US South and the future of R&B.ofRen_TylerKinchen-3

Bold statement, but just listen to their new record Acoustic Disdrometer, released October 2015, and you will understand why it is on course to be the standout record of the region from an emerging group with a growing fanbase around the world. It is the epitome of their sound, diverse and variegated, while maintaining their inimitable identity.

Their music is essentially R&B and Funk, yet it also taps into those umbrella categories of Jazz, Soul, World, Pop, Latin, Blues, and Folk, making their concoction of music play on the heart’s pace with as many dashes of simple fun as there is deep intellectualism. If you ask Tyler and the group what type of music they aim for, they will say good music. They know genre is important to culture and sentiment, but when you are from SE Louisiana, have cut your teeth in every part of New Orleans, earned stripes across the U.S., and have found your passion for music to be shared by people around the world, those umbrella categories fold into each other, and it’s easy to see that no revered conventional genre can embody the sound of Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces. They do not have to accept one either.

So what can you expect from them then? You will just have to see and hear for yourself.