Sessions :: The Natural Disasters

The Wildflower Revue (Amy Garland Angel, Mandy McBryde, and Cindy Woolf) are curating May Sessions at South on Main! They've invited the Natural Disasters back to the South on Main stage. The show begins at 8 pm with a $10 cover. Call ahead to reserve a table - (501) 244-9660


THE WILDFLOWER REVUE :: A southern gothic girl-group vision of mournful mountain melodies, heavenly hillbilly harmonies and epic tales of sin-soaked country outlaw heroines. 


Sarah Jo Roark and John T. Parks have been making music together for half of their lives now.  Raised in Melbourne and Batesville, respectively, the two Arkansas natives are a product of delta blues, mountain music and Sunday morning gospel.  

Their musical adventure began in 1996 when Sarah Jo hired the young seventeen year old as the bass player in her band, Double Shot. 

After Double Shot the two set off the pursue college, family and solo careers.  Their naturally blended voices and love for the audience brought the two back together in 2013 to form the Natural Disasters duo. They both are also members of the sensational cover band, The Lockhouse Orchestra.  Their show will entertain you with selections from Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Rolling Stones, John Prine, Civil Wars and Van Morrison, to name a few.  The occasional top forty will be thrown in with a few originals numbers to keep you on your toes.  

The Natural Disasters are known for their undaunted willingness to attempt requests from their audience, somewhat like a piano bar, usually minus the piano.  Sarah Jo released her first album, Sarah Jo, in 2000.  John released his first album, Sleeping in the Henhouse, in 2011 and is currently working on a double album of original songs.  As a duo, the two are currently working at crafting original songs that incorporate and blend their various sounds, strengths, and influences, and they hope to be able to offer fans an original Disasters album later this year.