Sessions :: Way Away with Amy McBryde

Phillip Rex Huddleston, art teacher by day and artist by night, is curating our Wednesday Sessions at South on Main for October. For his third show, Phillip has invited Way Away with a solo set from Amy McBryde on Wednesday, October 17. Show starts at 8 pm with a $10 cover. Call ahead to reserve a table - (501) 244-9660


A persistent dabbler, Phillip Rex Huddleston crafts a card game about famous Southern writers or records a song for each major arcana card of the tarot or writes a comic about French novelist Robbe-Grillet as an aesthetic detective. He likes the idea of a citywide immersive game and brainstorms this with friends. And after teaching Art during the day, he draws and reads and sometimes sleeps.


Jeff Killingsworth - Bass Guitar 

Lee Petray - Drums 

Jonathan Jacobs - This Guitar 

Thom Asewicz - That Guitar and Vocals